Pagonyi Adrienn EV.

Autumn offers with me!

Events in English available! Special autumn offers waiting for you in September!

Hello, I'm Adrienn,

life and business coach and mentor. I have always been inspired by challenges both in my work and my private life, and tried to find the best fit solutions, quickly and easily.  This time for you, toooo.

We all desire a life full of happiness and success and even to find the meaning of our existence.  Sometimes it all can get way too overwhelming, but I have good news for you.  

When can I help you?

If none of the above is perfectly right for you yet a conversation is calling, write me!  Just because I haven’t listed your situation it’s still there. 

Terveztem neked egy új évi programot!

Ez a tíz hét most csak rólad fog szólni! Tíz hét, ahol mindent megkapsz, hogy ne csak álmodd, de éld is álmaid életét. Tíz hét, ami után semmi sem lesz olyan, mint annak előtte.