Pagonyi Adrienn EV.

Business coaching

Price: 35.000 HUF

Business coaching helps in various business or work situations where the previously used methods or strategies no longer work.

Having a solid professional experience gained in multinational environment, I can support you in the pursuit of your work goals. As your business coach I can help you build leadership skills, create business strategies, or improve your mindset.

We can work with different business and communication models during the coaching process. In this case the purpose of coaching is to resolve business or workplace dilemmas, action planning and implementation. We can cover self development, improving skills or abilities, as well as the workplace difficulties, burn-out or conflicts.

Life coaching

Price: 35.000 HUF

The International Coaching Fedaration, ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Unlike therapy, coaching does not focus on the past, but on the present and the future, and the duration of the process is also shorter. The question leading to change is “why” in therapy, while during coaching we work with the “how”.

As a coach, I do not provide you with concrete advice or an instant solution, but rather guide you to the solution with targeted questions, attentiveness and listening without judgement. I won’t tell you what to do, I “just” support you to find the your own solution. Our mutual goal for you to become  a purposeful, confident, active person who can react flexibly and successfully cope with life’s challenges on your own instead of relying on me for a long time.


Outdoor coaching

Price: 45.000 HUF

During outdoor life coaching we utilize everything around us in the process of coaching, as the nature has a relaxing influence on the body and mind, which strongly contributes to gaining insights and emotions.

We will use the wide variety of plants, animals, objects, landscapes, and even changes in the weather in various creative ways. Nature is very useful for serving as a symbol of your mental and emotional processes. The combination of the riches of the environment and all sorts of physical activities makes outdoor life coaching provide us great strength, depth, and resources.

Nature will be considered to be a second coach. To get the process going we will work with two basic questions: ‘What do you notice in the surroundings?’ and ‘What does that symbolize for you?’

As in any other coaching process it will be you finding your own path, literally and in a symbolic way.

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