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Focus mentorprogram

4-6 weeks long kick-start challenge | Price: 105.000 HUF

As a coach I shall not provide you with advice or an instant solution, but rather guide you to find your own way through targeted questions, attentiveness and listening without judgement. I won’t tell you what to do, I will just support you in finding the solution that suits you best. The goal for you is to become a purposeful, confident, active person who can react and cope with life’s challenges flexibly and successfully, instead of depending on me for years.

The Focus program is an effective solution if you face challenges in areas such as:
– career choice, career development
– job hunting and workplace dilemmas
– work-life balance
– stress management
– developing a conscious lifestyle (mindfulness)

Premium mentorprogram

3 months long program for a change | Price: 175.000 HUF

The Premium Program includes six coaching sessions during which we base our work on your unconscious knowledge and your ability to change and learn. You will discover your strengths, your learning and operating processes through thought-provoking questions, and I will support your development journey with continuous feedback. During the program, you’ll get to know yourself better, you’ll understand how you operate, how you make decisions, and what resources you can rely on in a new or a difficult situation.  This new you will be able to start any next day with more confidence and solve any difficulty that comes up in your life, your family, or your workplace.

Your whole life will change – we could sum the program up with this cliché, but the thing is, this is really what you can expect.

Letting go mentorprogram

21 days to let go | Price: 75.000 HUF

How many times have you heard the good advice “Let it go”? And how many times have you felt like punching that person in the nose because they didn’t add a tool to do so?

If you thought that only time heals, or that your problem and pain will magically disappear, I have good news. You can actively do something to speed up the process.

The Letting Go program consists of two methods. First you will get practical tools to find your way back to that natural ability we call letting go or releasing. Tools, but you can even call it meditation. The other method is the Access Bars® treatment, which helps to reduce everyday’s stress and overthinking and shows you what lightness is available in your life.

By the end of the program, you will learn to actually let go of everything that no longer serves you, how you can actualize your desires and how to find balance with(in) yourself.

IKIGAI program

14 days for your purpose | Price: 39.900 HUF

IKIGAI is nothing more than the reason why you should get up each morning. If you’re doing what you love, what you’re good at and what’s contributing to the world, than it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.  May even be Monday.

The program is for you if:
– you are still looking for your purpose in life
– you want to get up every morning motivated and create value.
– you strive for work-life balance.

In this program you will receive a 25-page IKIGAI workbook with challenging and self-reflecting questions. After you are finished with the workbook we will have an hour long session to discuss the questions and possibilities related to your IKIGAI.

By formulating the next step, you will have a roadmap to a more fulfilling life with your purpose in the middle.

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